Wanted: Sportee Monno GT Kit

The recent Europa-esque mystery car brought mention of Tim who’s desperately seeking a Sportee Monno GT, a limited-edition car loosely inspired by the Lotus Europa. As far as we know, the Monno GT was first made by Silverstar (AKA Glascon) in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, who manufactured a total of six of them as turnkeys, including the prototype, in the mid/late sixties. When Silverstar folded, the molds were bought up by someone who is believed to have marketed the vehicle as a VW-based kit car. The only one that I know of is currently in Portland, Oregon being restored for vintage racing, but I’m sure there are more out there.

If you have one, or have a lead on one, please drop Tim a line at TDiGuardi@conestogawood.com — he is offering a finder’s fee. Here’s a gallery of pictures of the Sportee Monno GT.

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