Invader GT doors

Because he’s got the doors — why doesn’t everyone??? — as well as some extra touches like the tilt-column steering wheel and aftermarket a/c, Bennett that’s selling this Invader GT (more pictures and info here) sent in some more pictures showing those aspects. He’s asking only $1,500, which is a great deal for this car. He’s also got the engine running since the ad was first posted, and everything on the car works — taillights, headlights, signals, even the Kenwood stereo. Contact him at

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  1. Rich says:

    Those half doors just make it so much cooler than the full plexi ones.

  2. Bats says:

    I would agree with you Shannon if I were closer to this car I would jump all over it, a rare bargain and uber cool
    Rich, the way I see it, folded plexi with no frame is a window not a door, this car has doors not windows that open for entry, makes it far cooler and better looking than Invaders or Bradleys with just folded plexi doors

  3. Rich says:

    Well lets take it one step farther Bats. Ok follow the logic here. What if some one took a full folded plexi door/window and painted the lower half body colour following the body character line? Add a little faux chrome trim and the illusion would be complete. Or apply a panel over the outside of the folded plexi to give the look of a two part door should be much stronger than a true two part door. Either way it would look better than plain plexi/lexan .

  4. Bats says:

    I agree 100% with you and your idea that if “looks” is all a person is going for your idea is the fastest easiest out, it will make a big difference,

    I can’t find my other post on this subject but basically what I was trying to present was if a person wanted to make the Invader a better looking, better all around car then it needs doors, I suggested that if I was tackling this I would look at the Bradley GT 2 and even the Laser 917 doors, the Aztec 7 comes to mind, they are simple yet are fiberglass frames that have the windows mounted in them,
    It really wouldn’t be too hard to lay up fiberglass door frames then just use flat plexi or if flat even real tempered glass windows, this would also eliminate all the cracking issues associated with mounting hinges and latch’s on plexi windows that open as doors,

    Now all my thoughts on this are in the vein of how I would use the car, as a daily driver, if the car was a cruiser you know take it out in fair weather then that Invader that has no windows and looks like some real, weird racer and is sort of open air is how I would do it, depends on how I would use the car what I would require,

  5. It’s not as simple as painting/covering the bottom half of the door — these doors are a completely different shape, and change the lines of the car by turning the rear bulge into an air scoop type thing.

  6. Rich says:

    The door opening is different too . After looking through the other invaders on here I see how the door opening is actually larger on this one. The drip rail follows a different path and the door extends bellow the crease running down the side.

    Did they offer the door option with a body made strictly for that? The Devil is in the details so to make it look exactly like that would take a little work if you have the other body type.

    Thanks for pointing out the difference Shannon. I totally missed it and if I had my choice it would be the half door option it looks damn nice.

  7. Bats says:

    Plexi is just not going to work well for hinge and latch mountings,
    So if we make it even heavier with a fiberglass lower door on a plexi window that has the hinges mounted to it that mounting point will crack for stress and vibrations in no time,
    The mounting points rally need to be part of the door like a frame

  8. Rich says:

    Lexan if you heat treat it after drilling will resist cracking for a longer time than regular Plexi . But it will still crack in time next time you watch drag racing check out the Pro street cars. They use a metal tube as a frame its bent in the contour of the window. You could do up a frame like that the hinges bolt to the frame the window is then attached to the tubes with less stress.

  9. Bats says:

    You should camber drill holes too it all helps but the point is in 30 years of looking at kits and custom 100% of the Bradley ( early model ) and Invader windows and any plexi I have seen that has stress point mounting holes in it had some cracks, some were not too bad, some horrible,

    Even cars like the Laser 917 will have very small cracks in the side window and headlight cover mounting holes and all those windows support is their own weight, it’s caused from stress, vibrations and even over torque of the mounting screws or hardware,

    If I had to use a bent plexi window in an Invader or Bradley for the door I would at the very least take that Pro street idea and use aluminum bar stock and run it aross the top where the hinges are then down the sides and across where the latch is,
    This would work for a long time in a driver,

    Still, take a look at the yellow Invader on page 4 of invaders,

    While the shape of the window doesnt work for me the fiberglass door frame says it all, imagine if painted the body color the big leap it would take this one from looking so Dune buggyish

  10. Rich says:

    Yeah a larger less square window would make it look more “Factory” . Also it lets you have a window that you can open so you don’t bake. It would be fun to see that done up all body colour.

  11. Janine says:

    Any idea when “Autokit Industries Assembly Manual. Coming soon”
    It will be available?
    Or where I can find one?

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