100mpg Methane-Engined Invader GT?

Dan in Burbank, CA went to his mechanic and saw this Invader GT out front. He asked if it was for sale and for how much, and they replied, “if you can tow it out of here, it’s yours free of charge!” The shop didn’t even know what it was, but after a bit of investigating Dan discovered it was a circa-1974 Invader GT. No engine or transmission came with it, so Dan found those for $325 on Craigslist (a 36hp ’57 engine and a ’72 transmission).

His hope is to build the car to get 100mpg, possibly with a methane engine — he figures the aerodynamic lightweight body plus the tiny engine should give him a good start.

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  1. Rick says:


    but seriously, how will he measure miles per “gallon” if the system is gaseous fed? Maybe if he tried propane, but I bet he’d easily hit his goal with a diesel conversion, especially if he can get it fuel injected.

  2. Brian Smith says:

    it is a 1973 era GT4 invader based on the molds we made the later part of 1972. It is missing the louver secton. The Gt 3’s has a swept back Ghia windshield while the gt 4 stood more erect and had more squared plexiglass doors.

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