1980 Miura MTS 1.8 project

Check out this 1980 Miura MTS 1.8 project Kit Car. I need to be transparent and let you know I have no idea about the history of these cars. From what I can find these kit cars (or production cars) were made in Brazil and may have had both 1.6 and 1.8 VW drive trains.

The websites I am able to find are in Spanish for this one you the readers can translate it. This particular Kit Car project is in the San Jose area. Looks like the seller does not know what he wants for it for a cash amount because he just put $2 on the price line. I dont personally know what these are worth. For a trade the seller thinks the car is worth a Side by Side, Manx, Nova, pretty much everything.

The seller is not very descriptive but this is what is posted…

For sale or trade 1980 Miura MTS 1.8 Brazilian sports car project. Was running and driving @ 8 years ago not running now. Needs restoration. This is a fiberglass body with VW chassis, 1.8 VW inline 4cyl, transaxle, ect. Mostly complete missing rear bumper, door glass, and pass side door handle. Interior needs recovering but seems complete
Prefer fair cash offer however may trade for something else. Interests are pre smog vehicles, side by side, rhino, dune buggy, Manx, 1968 to 1972 nova, hot rod, rat rod, roadster, classic cars, kit car, project car, mechanic special, or? Pretty open
text ok

I guess all I have to say if if you have been looking for one here you go http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/5336949118.html

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  1. Larry says:

    I have purchased this car (my second Miura). These are not kit cars, they were manufactured using various components from other cars in a factory in Brazil from the late 70s to the early 90s. Many used VW full length floor pans as the chassis, while later ones had tube chassis and front engines. See website for more

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Larry,

      Thanks for the info. I will say the same thing as I say about the Puma and Ventura. If it started life as a VW bug, uses parts from several other cars, etc its a kit car or component car. Just because it was not available as a “Kit” does mean it cant fall in that category. Thats like me purchasing a turnkey Miami GT….Still a kit car

      Either way you have a pretty cook project. Let us know how the restoration goes.

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