Aluminum VW Roadster Kit Car on eBay

I would love to post a bunch of great things in regards to this Aluminum VW Roadster Kit Car on eBay. Seth, one of our readers, tipped us off to this interesting car. While I could spend all day describing what I think about the car, it seems that Seth pretty much said everything I would have in his email.

Get ready for a real laugh…..

I don’t know if you’ve seen this “beaut” yet, but there it was on EBay. This is one very seriously ugly car.. Owner claims: “Exterior has cool racing decals ,air scoops,roll bar,and spoiler!” Luckily it seems to me that is a “one off make” and when she hits the heap–that will be forever, never seen again except in some remote part of the web.
Had they spent a little more time on it it may not have come out looking like a cross between a Bradley (rear) and a garden shovel (front). Also, it reminds me of a car I once built about 8″ (yeah, inches)long and made of wood. I was 12 years old at the time and lacked the tools and knowledge to ever see it to fruition. No way I’d get hired by DeTomaso or other coach builders that’s for sure.

But these guys gave it some weird name, gobs of VW power (around 90 hp) and I believe copied my 8″ car I made in wood shop.

Here are some terms for it:
“unearthly looking”
“pug nosed”
“pancake car”
“Class project”
“So low it can slide under doors”
“Take a pinch of this, a dab of that, a handful of shit”
“Intuitive minds did not exactly meet here”
“So ugly it’s beautiful. Naaa!”
“Like a not fully formed fetus”

The seller of the car says…

One of a kind,aluminum body open roadster. This is a street legal gymkahana track car crafted by restorer of vintage aircraft. MUST BE SOLD DUE TO ILLNESS-THUS A VERYLOW

Previous owner claims top speed of 110, highway cruising speed of 75,yet it ill deliver 30-35 mpg. Handles like a go cart and sounds loud and mean.

The “extreme machine” is built on a 3″ tube frame with a full belly pan. Hand levers will lock up the brakes and engine is ducted for added cooling. Suspension is late vw beam with a steering damper and gas shocks on all four wheels. Power is furnished by an old school1776 dual port connected to a vintage bug pac manifold. Fuel is fed by a Holly 2 barrel carb. Power is transmitted by a vw 4 speed tranny and irs rear end.

Interior features an aluminum dash, VDO GAGES, SANYO CASSETE. and vintage diamond pleated racing seats. Exterior has cool racing decals ,air scoops,roll bar,and spoiler

Be advised the machine requires an agile driver. You climb in and slide down the seats. 6’2″ and 210 lbs. would be the max human body the car could handle . Mileage on speedo
probably doesn’t reflect true mileage ,and most likely speedo was sourced from a different car.

I guess if your sole purpose was to buy the car to do solo SCCA than it might work for you. Still does nothing for me and I would never drive it on the road.

If you just have to have it it is currently at $3000 with a reserve and you can see it here.

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