Backyard Bradley GT project

I love this first-gen Bradley GT kitcar (on a VW Beetle chassis of course) built by Ric and his daughter over about three years. He originally found the kit wasting away through a friend, and now that it’s done, he says it’s more fun than any other car he’s owned. They enter it in every show they can, including the VW Day at Silver Dollar Speedway in Renolds, GA, which got the car into the June 2005 issue of Hot VWs! The thing I like most about the car is the paintjob. I don’t think it would work on any other car, but on a Bradley GT it just dates it perfectly and makes it look really fun.

bradley-gt-2.jpg bradley-gt-1.jpg

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  1. Eddy Varela says:

    Hi I do a car show in march called The Lakeland VW Classic we have a Bradley class for trophies I have several Bradley’s and I want to invite everyone to the Show in March Love Your Bradley Thanks Eddy

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