Thought it was about time to post one of my pieces of yard art, Ahem, “Projects”.

This is my 71 Fiberfab Valkyrie, admittedly she is something of a basket case, looks worse than it really is. I got a killer deal on the car because the seller who was less than savvy mistook a stuck shifter cable for a bad transaxle.Mine is the early Valkyrie being a two piece body with full tilt rear, the wheel base is around 98 inches and the later one piece Valkyries had a wheel base of 100-101.

The keen eye will see my car has had something of a hard life, the hood was cut open and the scoops modded, the front grill area was also modded.I plan other body mods including larger scoops, flared wheel wells and “fixing” the tail lights.

For now my car is powered by a Vortec 4.3 6 Cylinder, while a great engine part of my old school build will include dropping a V8 in there. While I know all it’s short comings if anyone knows of a Kelmark style Corvair mid engine transaxle for sale please hit me up.