Corbett Patriot Revisited

I was just searching through youtube and came across this cheesy 10 minute promo vehicle for the Corbett Patriot. It was one of my favorite kits of the time.

Do you have a kit of that time period that you wished you owned right now?

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  1. Bats says:

    What a time that was, seemed the Fiero was trying to take the place of the VW for the donor.
    So many Lambo and 4-R-E kits you couldn’t count them all, some with a lengthen chassis most kept the short Fiero wheelbase, all the short ones looked to me like constipated turtles
    My love was the Fiero GT40, it was too tall too short but still looked kind of cool.
    V-8 Archie saw the beacon and filled the void for power with his kits to ditch the 6 and have a V-8 in the Fiero.

    Getting past all the so called replicas the cooler stuff was the custom Fiero re-bodies like this Patriot, it was a mind bender in it’s day, if I am not mistaken only a couple are around today.
    For those hunting a cheap out for the costly Lambo windshield in their Aztec 7 take a look at the unique front screen of the Patriot.

  2. Rich says:

    Worked for Archie (Cletus) around 2000 when the shop was in Barrington IL. Fun place to work he’s a nice guy at the time 3 guys worked there including me. Owned a small block powered Fiero for a time fun car lots of power. I put Caddie 5 liter badges on it got a few laughs until the car was started lol.

    • the13bats says:

      Do you know if Archie was invloved with Jack Kube and his GT40 Fiero?

      • Rich says:

        That was after my time there. You have seen Archie’s site ? They offer a roller or turn key GT4T kit (cute name)nice looking car. It wouldn’t shock me if he bought the rights and the molds. He did that with the Finale and had the bodies made offsite.

  3. Donnie says:

    I have never seen a patriot up close. I would love to take one for a drive 🙂

  4. Aimee says:

    I have seen an original turnkey model of the 1992 Corbett Patriot.. My boss own the only one we can find in the US

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