Blue Manta Mirage

Check out this gorgeous Manta Mirage taken at Carlisle ’99. I’ll be there this year (for the first time) to take pictures and hand out cards and shirts and let everyone know that this site is finally back.

blue11.jpg blue12.jpg blue10.jpg blue09.jpg blue08.jpg blue07.jpg blue06.jpg blue05.jpg blue04.jpg blue03.jpg blue02.jpg blue01.jpg

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  1. Kim Zorzi says:

    Looking at the Manta’s, especially the Blue one brings back many memories myself. You see I was the original purchaser of a Manta Mirage from Tim and Brad Le Vett in 1975. I visited there factory in Anahiem Ca. to pick up my kit. I have some pictures still in my memorie album. Pictures of the delivery and a yellow Manta on the showroom floor built by Tim La Vett himself. I showed the Manta in the Houston Tx. Auto Rama in 1978 as a driving vehicle. It was the fastest car I ever built. I also had a Valkerie Gt 40 with a 327, and then went on to build a Sterling with a olds 455 conversion. Pictures to prove the existence of all. I still have the original pamphet of Manta cars along with the assembly manual. And also the mid Kelmarks. I still have a mid-engine v8 Kelmark tucked away for safe keeping. My phone number is 979-921-0001 if interested in some history. Sincerely….KAZ

  2. HarryCaine says:


    how much is dat bad thing??


  3. Awesome toy…. I have a 1995 Manta Montage Stage III with a 3.1 liter intercooled turbo McLaren V6. She is connected to a 4 sp with O/D and does move out quite nicely. Matter of fact… so much so how is 94 MPH in second gear. Sounds crazy but oh so true. Last run at New England Dragway forgot to shift from 2nd to 3rd and ran a 14.1 @ 94 MPH with 8 lbs of boost. Now I am running 14 lbs of boost and she stays at 11 lbs at full throttle.

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