Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 6

This is Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 6! Believe it or not the chassis is getting pretty close to having the body put back on it. I just got a shipment of goodies to tune up the engine and get it running in tip top shape!

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 6

Since I had no plans to do anything more than I needed to with the engine I wanted to make sure it had as much new parts as I could do without breaking into the engine. Henry over at Bugoholics in Pasadena, TX shipped out some great stuff and it was delivered today.

Henry has been in business for over 25 years and whether you are local or shopping online he and his staff can get you what you need for your aircooled engine.

In the box was a new 009 distributor with electronic ignition, plugs, wires, fuel pump, alternator stand, carb rebuild kit, and more. Bugoholics has very reasonable prices and a great inventory of new, used, and NOS items. Even very hard to find items from Bugpack!

Well you know what its like to get new parts! It motivates me! So I got into the garage and got to wrenching. Not because I wanted to get the new parts on, but because I needed to get the tins off. They all looked ratty and needed to be sandblasted and painted.

As you can see the engine, well the engine looks like crap. Although I am not going for a show car I want it to at least look presentable. So after an hour I got everything off. Well ALMOST everything. There are a couple of stubborn screws I sprayed with a little Blaster and I will finish it up in the morning.

I will be ordering the new wiring harness , alternator, and shocks shortly.

That’s about all I have for this update. Have a good one!

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  1. Adam V says:

    Looking good big bro.

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