Canadian Manta Mirage for sale

A quite striking white Manta Mirage is up for sale in Edmonton, Alberta right now. It was originally listed on eBay with a $38,000 reserve, which in my opinion is significantly more than it’s worth — realistically its value is between $20,000 and $30,000. I mentioned this to the owner, and we had a brief argument and our conversation ended, but a friend just showed me that it’s back on the market at a slashed price. At $30,000 asked, it’s still at the upper end of the car’s value, but definitely approaching where someone is going to bite since there aren’t many of these in Canada.

This Manta is being advertised as a 1985 factory build that’s been in storage since 1991 (at which time it was registered and plated in Alberta) after only 581 miles. According to the seller it still starts and runs well, but needs the brake and tranny fluids changed. It’s running a 375HP 350 Chevy mated to a 4-speed Corvair transmission — the normal Manta setup. If you’re interested, drop them a line at

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  1. Seth says:

    Yup, 30 g’s for that car is way over what it’s worth. I think a good sell price would be around 18-20g’s

  2. Seth says:

    30g’s is way too high for that car. 18-20gs’ would be more like it.

  3. If it was up for sale in the US, yeah, definitely I’d put it between $15k and $20k… But it’s probably worth more in Canada due to the rarity — they can’t be imported, so you either have to find one when it’s for sale (not very often!) or build a new one, which would cost more… Plus on this, all the registration hurdles and so on are done of course…. If his price got closer to $20k, I’d make an offer myself…

  4. Rick says:

    was the price in CAN dollars or US dollars?

    the white with pinstripes is rather nice

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