Recent Influx of Porsche Speedster Replicas

Is it me or are more and more of these Porsche Speedster Replicas popping up lately? I have always liked them and it is on my bucket list, but they are all over eBay. I know a Classic Motor Carriages made 1000s of these, but where are these all coming from. Could it just be that people need the money so they are finally getting rid of them?

Here are a few I found while searching the bay today..

1955 Porsche 356 – Location: NY


1973 Replica/Kit Makes Porsche 356A Type1 1957 – Location: NY

1957 356 Vintage Speedster Replica Great sound system!! – Location: AZ


What would you guys pay for one of these in decent shape?

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  1. the13bats says:

    My guess it is several things,
    Look at all the AC Cobras up for sale at a fraction of the build price or the price they would fetch a few years ago, same with these Speedsters, I see some great prices for some one who has these as a must have dream car, ( my Neighbor has a real one )
    I have noticed the economy for one selling factor, it allowed me to buy my 69 Corvette for about 1/3rd what the car would have sold for about 3 years before I bought it.
    Since in many ways these Speedsters fall into the “fun car” category when people need money they go on the shopping block before the daily driver,
    Next is like with the AC Cobras I believe some “dream” cars are not as much of a dream as the owner envisioned, anyone who has tried to drive a car like a AC Cobra, Speedster etc in say Florida mid summer heat and traffic learned quickly these cars shortcomings.
    In addition The market was in a way flooded with these cars, for a while there were all over shows and cruises in some cases owners simply got bored.
    I imagine it’s not too bad with the Speedsters but with the Cobras everywhere you go some wise ass will call it a “kit car” that gets old too.

  2. Gene says:

    I think the reasons why Speedster replicas have sprung up all over Ebay are twofold.
    One: The Porsche 356 owner crowd has successfully convinced Ebay that Speedster replicas do not belong in the Porsche 356 category.
    Two: The steeply increasing value curve of all Porsche 356’s ( not just open cars but coupes too) has inspired many with Speedster replicas to place their car on the market. Unlike the above poster, I have noticed Speedster replica market prices have increased lately. Gone are all the Speedster replicas for under 15K with 20-25k being the norm these days.

    Up until about tow or three years ago 15-20K bought a real Porsche 356 coupe, about the same price as a Speedster replica. Real coupes are now trending in the 30-50K range.

    Of course, there is the Karmann Ghia…:)

  3. glenn hale says:

    I have the original cmc speedster with the flaired fenders still in it’s box that was delivered to me in 1993 in Vallejo,CA. I’m thinking of parting with it after all these years. It was to be my retirement project but now that I’ve retired I haven’t the funds to build it. I also have a ’69 VW semi-automatic donor car to go with it. If anyone is interested in pursuing my dream let me know.

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