Custom Wide Body Kit Car on eBay

This is a pretty wild Custom Wide Body Kit Car on eBay. I cant say its pretty but I can certainly appreciate the time and effort that has been put into this car. It would be a stretch to call it a kit car because it does appear to be a one of a kind car. According to the eBay auction the car started life as a 1987 Fiero and it sports a 350 with an auto trans. It is a no reserve auction with the highest bidder sitting at just below $12,100 . What do you think it is worth? Would it be something you would want to drive? Check out the auction Here


They have a  video that can be seen here . While not the best it does show that the car at least sounds pretty sweet.

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  1. Kent says:

    Yea, I saw this at the Auburn Indiana Auction many years ago. If memory serves me right, it has the V8, regular normal transmission with the rear corvette style rear end attached right to the output of the transmission. Hence the length. Was very different and drew a pretty good crowd while I was there looking too! There was also a white corvette there with the same type of rear engine/transmission/rear end setup there too not parked to far away from this one. Both I remember having the similar drivetrain setup. Thanks for posting, was nice to see again! Buy the way, I sold my old Avenger GT, still have my Aztec 7 on the transverse V6 Mid-Engineering chassis. Now looking at buying this virgin new, never finished old Cimbria SS body to place a copy of my Mid-Engineering chassis that I back engineered onto AutoCAD. With a few modifications of the roll bars under dash, along sides and behind driver/passenger to accommodate the Cimbria SS body contours much closer. Also considering either going with a transverse V8, or a built 4.3 V6…. unsure at this time, but will send pictures as purchase, delivery and build begins early next week. 2016 April 05.
    Thanks again for this post, was neat to see again. Kent

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