Elite Mini 18 (AKA Mini Mack)

Check out Bob’s (if I remember right) Mini 18 #1 — literally the one that you see in the brochures. It’s a regular at the show, but these photos were taken at Carlisle 2006. Seeing it so finished in person makes me sort of which that I’d not only kept mine, but left it as is (I converted it to six wheels and put it on a truck chassis), it really looked great.


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  1. AL Mullenbach says:

    hey nice truck im having trouble finding any information on these things i recently accired a mini 18 and am working on getting it back in runnig order. Its has been sitting for a number of years but seems to be in pretty good shape if you had any information about minis i would love to here from ya Thanx Al

  2. Blair Thoreson says:

    I have a Mini 18 that I acquired some years ago and am interested in selling. If anyone is interested, please email me at blairthoreson@gmail.com.

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