DIY Mini-Mack Truck

Wayne ( in Bonner Springs (near Kansas City) has got this interesting “Mini Mack” (not to be confused with a “Mini-18” which shared the name initially) for sale at an asking price of only $1,200. It’s a DIY project (one-off forward tilting front end and custom rear deck) on a 1977 4-cylinder manual Ford Ranger chassis, with full lighting, air horns, and stacks like a miniature big rig. It’s been through quite a lot of owners so the history of the vehicle is not known.

The last photo is a picture of a similar project that I worked on years ago — we mated the front of a Mini-18 kit to a truck, and then hung a trailer axle off the rear to give it six wheels, which I think would be a pretty neat addition for the next owner of Wayne’s truck!

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