Future Supercar Manta Mirage?

This Manta Mirage was being sold at Carlisle 2006. I actually think that the guy in the light blue shirt may have bought it, he was right on the line when I left. Given that it was a gorgeous custom chassis (being sold it because the guy wanted to focus on his rock climbing chassis projects), with a great air ride setup (I think he said it could rise eight or nine inches or something crazy), and headers and engine/tranny mounts for a Porsche G50 and 400 cubic inch V8, I hope he did! He’s also snubbed off the rear to show off the suspension gear, and I think if this car is finished right it could end up as one of the wildest Manta Mirages on the road.


PS. If you’re the person who bought it, and you’re reading this, drop me a line and keep me updated!

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  1. Gary says:

    Well, first of all, since it was cut to pieces it’s not really a Manta anymore, is it? Sometimes one has to ask “why”.
    It may do (mechanically) what the builder intended, but the reason the Manta Cult builds or buys a Manta is because of its direct cousin the McLaren Can Am counterpart. I think any true Manta person would cringe to still call this a Manta. Hey, but if it does what it was intended to do then, “wonderful” as Brad Lovette would say with smirk on his face when someone would cannibalize a classic. He created the Manta.
    I once turned a wrecked Alfa Romeo into a dune buggy for the beach, and one morning an old Italian guy weeped and petted the fenders before I started a up to leave.
    Gary, Sales Manager for original Manta Cars, Costa Mesa

  2. So… is a Manta Montage a Manta if you run it on a VW chassis?

  3. HarryCaine says:

    Super freaky lookin´car,I´m from germany and if I could drive a car like this here…I would 😉
    Is it very expensive to get one?

    with compliments


  4. rafael jimenez says:

    I want to know if you are seling the car :The future Supercar Manta Mirage? if you are, i olso want to know of how much does and olso send me pictures of the car and tell me of how much it coast thats all i want to know. Thank You…..

  5. manfred says:

    i wonder if she was sold?if not anybody has more info ? like just study the frame- construction

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