Another barn mystery car!

Anyone know what this is? I don’t recognize it… It looks like one of the many early variants on VW-based GT-40 and other racecar-for-the-streetĀ kits, with quite a few other influences thrown in as well. Anyway, if you recognize it, post a comment please!


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  1. This car bears a striking resemblance to the old mini based Unipower GT (see link, but it appears to have steel wheels on it from a VW bug. Some of the body details are off too. Interesting. I’m stumped.

    Just happened to be browsing. Nice job on the new blog format! -John

  2. Jeff says:

    it looks like it maybe an opel I cant remenber who made it

  3. Falcon _ca says:

    Could it be a Manic GT (made in Quebec Canada)?

  4. cris says:

    yes i”m pretty sure it is a manic gt from Quebec!

  5. Elland Canary says:

    Also verysimilar to a Rochdale

  6. tom says:

    some guy on samba is looking for 1 like this,he has name of it and a pic of 1

  7. tom says:

    looks like the kit called an ALKEN?

  8. adam says:

    looks like a mustang mach one with a fiat spyder front end

  9. Francois Verville says:

    A manic GT it is not, note the door shape and the lack of a curve at front top of the door glass, and the rear quarter panel is entirely wrong to be a manic GT as well as more less noticeable differences. Similar: yes, Manic: no

  10. Denis Gauthier says:

    I have 2 Manics…it’s not a Manic. Good luck with your search. I once had a 1962 Sabra, from Haifa, Isreal, one of 206 built. It was before the internet, but I figured it out!

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