Empi Imp Dunebuggy

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  1. Rob in NH says:

    Quote: “for the life of me I can’t imagine why someone would by a trashed buggy body missing most of its parts”

    Actually the only thing missing is the roof and possibly the rear engine cover??.. These were very stripped looking because it had an odd front bumper to hide the torsion tubes out front and the rear had the standard buggy surround bumper as seen on most trikes… I once owned this same one in white gelcoat.. they passed it off as a cheap sort of attempt at making a dunebuggy look classy like a Rolls Royce.. But yea.. they failed.. ON or OFF the VW chassis it was just plain UGLY AS SIN.. Sold mine off for something like $50 bucks.. lol

  2. Mick says:

    Are you interested in selling the green EMPI Buggy?
    Thanks, Mick

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