Laser 917s deserve more attention!

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  1. jeff says:

    is this car for sale

  2. xmnr says:

    when I first saw one of these back when I was about 12, I thought it was really cool because I thought about how shitty these old Porsche racing cars must have been compared to today despite having been the top of their game for their era. it made me proud to be born in the generation I live in… then I found out it was crappy because it was a volkswagen kit car and was only about 5 years old, I really felt like a doofus. This is a car only a kit-car builder could love, I think. seriously… the as*-up look of this and cars like the jimenez novia is disgusting

  3. Paul Vaine says:

    Aw, can’t we be kinder to what appears to be one of the sharpest 917’s I seen yet?

    I have owned several kit cars Avengers, Valkyries, Sterlings, all have pros and cons,

    The Sterling according to what one of the company owners said it was a composite of a GT-40 a Mako Skark ( Vette ) and Lambo Muria, ( spelling ? )

    The Avengers and Valkyries were sorta GT 4o’s more like the Lola Ford started with,

    I loved each of these cars because of the unique look they have, I also love the race car on the street look,

    Too many 70’s kitcars were built hack jobs giving them a bad name,

    To me the 917 /jimenez novia which looks basically like a very well done 917 “A” body is one of the best looking of all the grass root (Volkswagen) kits,

    The lines are beautiful, of course you have to think past kid racer Hondas and such to like a car like this, I believe it has far less to do with liking kit cars and far more to do with liking racers, if finished correctly a 917 can look like and even perform like a race car on the street, so can any grassroots ( VeeDub ) kit car.

    Peoples tastes vary but to me hating a 917 is like hating anything with a Can-am flare,


  4. Omar says:

    I wanna buy this car if it is for sale. Would the owner contact me at

  5. Andy O'Rourke says:

    I have a very nice Laser 917 for sale, contact me at
    Pictures are avail. and I live in New York City. Thanks

  6. Paul Vaine says:

    Does anyone know who this car belongs to?

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