Ferrari f355 Kit Car

We do not normally post much in the way of the Ferrari f355 Kit Car but we came across this one on craigslist for $1600 and it could be a decent project for someone. We have to warn you these kit cars are not for the faint of heart to build and most usually take more money to build then you will ever get back out of it. As is the case with most car builds.

This one is located in Elgin, South Carolina and is being sold for $1600 . It appears to be complete . Here is what the seller has to say about the car.

Ferrari 355 kit on a titled fiero frame in pieces all needs to be put together no motor and decent transmission a complete and clean interior again i repeat car is in pieces fiberglass needs some work but minimal hood on the car was cut and needs to be repaired …. The frame has been extended already to house the body again the car is in pieces I’m told less the motor it’s all there. lots of extra parts for the car I work on it a little and trying to mount the body to the frame and piece some of it back together as we speak the more I work on it the price will go up. I will trade would rather have the cash……. Rims aren’t on the car and it doesn’t look as good as the pic although the car I have is supposed to be this exact car…. Has stock fiero rims as a roller set up

Again let me repeat . This is not a beginner kit car in any way shape or form. It will require a vast amount of work and skill to complete. There is a pretty good reason why so many of these are out there for sale in this sort of condition. With that being said I think you can get this one for cheaper than the $1600 asking price.

Check out the listing here

F355 Kit Car 2

F355 Kit Car 1

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