Why people laugh at kit cars

Many of you surely remember the atrocious and embarrassing “Fierri Enzno” that was on eBay earlier this year… Well, I don’t know if it’s the same one restyled, or if there are actually more of these monstrosities around, but there’s a red version up on eBay right now right now (#200255251206)… Opening bid, $200: no takers.

Seriously, it really blows me away that anyone would be caught dead driving something like this, let alone put in the hundreds or, god forbid, thousands of hours of work to create this… Every single element of the car is wrong. Truly terrible.



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  1. Rick says:

    I think I’m gonna hurl. I used to laugh at the poseurs who’d spend thousands to re-body a Fiero into a Ferrari, including badges logos, interior…wondering who they thought they were impressing when (and since we’re in Silicon Valley, this happened plenty during the Dot Com thing) they come across a *real* Ferrari or Lambo…

  2. The13bats says:

    I never liked the Fiero re bodies that cut things short like this car they end up having that constipated turtle look,
    But I cant be all negative so I will say I dig the Knight rider looking dash as I do admit a taste for the 80’s Cheesy,
    But what is with the 12 Cylinder engine cover????

  3. The13bats says:

    Bidding up to 7500.00 for this car you better act fast or miss out

  4. Seth says:

    That car is by far, one of the doofiest designs I have ever seen! This guy’s house is probably annointed with plastic pink flamingos and those planters made of tires. The owner of this car said in his ad that he got attention wherever he drove this thing. Little did he know that everyone was snickering as he drove off.

  5. Dano says:

    Oh…come on…it’s art. Like oranges, flowing against a brick wall.

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