Mercury Cougar Veyon Replica

After all years I have been involved in the kit car industry I just dont get surprised much anymore. Check out this Mercury Cougar Veyon Replica . Yes! Another front engine Bugatti Veyron Kit Car. This one with a Fire Breathing V6 and Front Wheel Drive!Did I mention it is automatic? I have no doubt someone has put some serious money into this. To be honest just like the last Veyron Kit Car I posted it is not bad looking. But Lets be real it is a Front Wheel Drive, Front Engine VEYRON KIT CAR!

Here is what the auction has to say about this one …

Famous BUGATi replica built for Pro athlete .NEW CHARCOAL GRAY $15K paint job exterior with real white leather interior accented with alligator trim.Full engine work to simulate exposed cover.Automatic 6 speed. 3.0 Duretec large v6 for daily driver capability and reliability. The body os on a 2001 mercury cougar svt . The title is a 2001 mercury cougar . Fully serviced and everything works as it should. The rear wing is fully functional . The ac is ice cold.Custom exhaust work provides deep meaty growl for sound of exotic and high end audio system to please any ear.3 Piece 8k samini rims and P-zeros all the way around sure to be the biggest tires you have seen on a car.The body is within millimeters of exact dimensions and draws a crowd everywhere.Instant celebrity status as soon as you get out.The buy it now price is significantly below what was spent in the making of this super-car.100 PERCENT finished no bait and switch or imaginary car.Buy it and drive it away.No trades i have lots of toys already.

So wait a second. A Professional Athlete wanted this? Like a real professional athlete? Or are we talking an Arena Football athlete who moonlights as an overnight stocker at walmart? Not that there is anything with Arena football or anything but I cant imagine any legitimate Professional Athlete is seeking out a FWD Veryon kit car. I have been wrong before but hmmmm……

Anyway this one is listed on eBay for a BIN price of $95,000 or you can make an offer. Just think of all the pre-owned exotics you could have for $95,000 and not just a veyron kit car on a $2000 cougar hahahaha.

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  1. Rick says:

    Dead link, Donnie…

    Heck, for only $10K more you get a running, driving, finished car compared to the other “Veyron” replica listed earlier!

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