Testarossa Kit Car

This Testarossa Kit Car was just too good not to post. But this one is not because of the price, not the bad pics, not the type of kit car. This one was 100% because of the description and the info on the car. Lets just move on to the good stuff…..

Title: ferio kit car 1980 tessla rossa

Description: it’s mint hasent ran in 25 years I have fired it up needs new gas runs it lines up great few nicks but it’s cleannnnnn 17000 obo

So besides the obvious, and really funny typos the seller says This kit car hasn’t run in 25 years, but in the same sentence says he fired it up and it needs new gas. So which one is it? To be honest if all the seller did was fired it up after 25 years and did not do even basic maintenance such as clean out the tank (he didnt) change the oil and other fluids, etc I would not buy it anyway.

And the $17,000 price? WELLLLLLLLLL I dont think so. Maybe if it had replica interior, was running and on the road, and was a good replica. But not for this.

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