Fiberfab Aztec 7 Project Car

This fiberfab Aztec 7 is one really BIG project car. The good is the intact lambo windshield. The bad is everything else. Here is what the craigslist ad has to say.

I have Back to the future style Kit Car Body with Dash, steering column and steering wheel. The windshield alone fits a Lamborghini as well as this replica car. The doors are gull wing style. The back part of the body opens on a pivot hinge to access the drivetrain. Very unique body, fit on a full length Standard VW Bug chassis. I am Asking $1200.00 for the body. I do have other parts if you wish to finish this car to drive on the road, but these parts are not included in the price

I cant even begin to imagine what parts he has that he could not toss in with his $1200 body. The body even with the windshield is good for a few $100 at most. I get that the Miura windshield is expensive but lets be honest. How many guys out there do you know driving a Lamborghini Miura and are in need of a windshield?

If you want a Fiberfab Aztec 7 Project Car this could be a good starting point. If the price is right.

Update on this listing from the Owner…

Donnie needs to keep his opinions to himself as it was commented on that the replica isn’t worth what I am asking, but I just found out today from the prior owner that this AZTEC 7, is worth Double the price, So tell your member to stop criticizing ad, as he doesn’t know what these are worth let alone he probably knows nothing about nothing. You would hate for me to display my opinion how my ad was stolen to be put on your site, let alone how you allow such behavior! That would make you site, look as funny as whats going to happen to Donnie if I see one more criticizing remark. You can take that to your your website. Seems a lot of losers have nothing better to do than to criticize ads.. ???

Seeing as though we have been around since 1999 and have always expressed our opinions based on experience and years in this industry feel free to do whatever you feel you need to do. The old owner of the car is blowing smoke up your Ass. I stand by my post and and what I KNOW these cars to be worth. I wish you the best of luck with the sale and good luck getting double what you are asking.

They did not make a lot of them as you can see here but they are not all that valuable


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  1. Kal Sandhu says:

    I have one of these cars and would love to get hold of the driver side window. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks indeed,


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