Fiberfab Jamaican Kit Car For Sale

This Fiberfab Jamaican seems like a good project. As with most of these cars this one started out with good intentions then was pushed to the side of the garage to work on other stuff. Now its for sale. This Fiberfab Jamaican does appear to be in good shape at least on the outside and is powered by a 327 V8. Here is what the seller has to say about the car…

Jamaican built 1969-1970, chassis 1959Austin Healy 3000, engine 1964 SBC 327, 4 barrel carb, with other modifications, trans 350 turbo, the rest is recommended by Fiberfab assembly procedures.
I have a ton of money in this car. 300 miles on it since speed shop completed motor. House of Colors flip flop paint. Custom exhaust, crager wheels, etc.. Mice ate the wiring behind dash and interior while being stored in my pole barn. Have new wiring kit, abandoned project about 3 years ago and haven’t started car since. First $4000.00 takes this rare project car. Call for details.

So as you can see you will need to just go ahead and replace all the electrical, get it fired up again and finish it. There is no mention about the interior so we will just assume its will also need some work. The seller is asking $4000 for it and I think that is a decent price. But I also think if you offer $3200-$3500 and you have cash and a trailer in front of him you could own it.

You can see this Fiberfab Jamaican Kit Car For Sale on Craiglist here


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  1. vincent vittu says:


    I’m interested by this car if it is for sale.

    best regards

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