Ferrari Modena Kit Car

I generally try and stay away from these type of kit cars unless its just to good to pass up. This Ferrari Modena “Kit Car” is just one of them cars. This one is a prime example of someone who dumped a lot of money into it and the end result is a Ferrari Modena Kit Car that would get you laughed out of pretty much everywhere. I could go on and on about this car but the sellers listing is just to good not to share….

100 Percent complete kit Car
Daily driver ready to go , 2006 Ferrari Modena , 5 Speed stick shift , Built on a clean title 1988 FIERO , Mid engine rear wheel drive. This car was stretched and done the right way. DNA kit everything authentic looks and runs great ! COST ME OVER 37K $ to build this car and I love it but I am ready to part ways with it. Has Lamborghini vertical doors , full custom interior. Has a straight v6 engine 250 HP . No check engine light or problems has 5k miles on rebuild engine…car runs and drives nice.

This car looks pretty realistic and is very fun to drive.I GOT IN AN ACCIDENT WITH MY VAN, AND I CAN’T DRIVE WITH MANUAL TRANSMISSION ANY MORE….I WILL ACCEPT TRADES…ONLY AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION ……….. .. ] …….THIS NICE FERRARI IS REGISTRED IN TILL 01/30/2016 UTAH CLEAN TITLE……no junks i want for my car $33500 in cash obo……or trades 2008 up….i’m really interested in diesel truck, but let me know what you have

Ok so you did read that part that is had $37,000 into it and wants $33,500 for it? Or he will trade for a 2008 or newer Diesel Truck ……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Seriously though a few questions come to mind. What would make any sane person dump $37,000 and to that rolling white turd, and what would make the same person think it is worth anywhere close to the ball park of $33,500? I would post a link but this is just not even worth any additional effort haha.


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  1. Rich says:

    The tiny wheels and bad door fit really sell this example of the coach builders fart ( not a typo ) lol

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