Fiero GT-40 Kit Car

I’ll be posting a more interesting DIY project of his soon, but in the meantime, this kit car builder is selling a nice clean Fiero based GT-40 inspired car. It’s on an ’88 Fiero frame with a 3.8L supercharged engine. The car is located in California but he’s hoping to sell it outside of the state due to smog issues. Drop him a line at

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  1. Mauro Ramirez says:

    What a awesome car…..!!!!!
    so what is the price you are asking for it?
    Please get back to me….

    Best Regards…..


  2. tom gray says:

    like the car–I have a simular one – blue/red 1986—what is the price of your if you still have it ??? also your zip code to see what shipping to northern Florida is also…….thanks for any additional info and pictures you can supply.. like more details also if possible……..Tom 850-271-5466

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