Futuristic VW-Based One-Off Trike

This trike is currently on eBay (#190230739859) for about a thousand dollars at four days to go. Not much is known about it as it’s a “barn find”, but the assumption is that it was handbuilt (which I’d first assumed using foam sandwich construction, but in reality it’s a steel body) during the eighties. Apparently it was shown on the ISCA circuit and won a class championship in Handbuilt Sports for the Great Lakes Division. It’s been in storage for two decades, and has only 185 miles indicated on the odometer. The fuel pump seems to be dead, but other than that it runs (so whoever buys it will have to trailer it, but shouldn’t have too much trouble getting it going).

It’s built around a 1973 nicely detailed 1600cc VW driveline with a 4-speed transaxle. Suspension at the rear is VW IRS with coil-overs, and the front is a custom design built out of 2″ plated square tube. Gauges are Stewart-Warner and the upholstery is crushed velvet. It’s still registered as a VW Beetle, but I doubt that registration would hold up in most states.

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