Testabradley GT? Fiberglassarri Testabradley?

After the young owner died, my friend Dave took on this car from his mother to sell for her. It started life as a Bradley GT with an assortment of Testarossa kit parts (the ground effects, rear end, and front grill) grafted on. I took these photos right after he got the car — since then it’s had a few more pieces glassed onto it. It’s certainly odd looking… The body is sitting on a VW chassis with a turbo modification, and push-button controlled air suspension for clearing speedbumps. The doors have been modified to contain rolldown windows, and overall the car was quite nice.

4 Responses

  1. thou its odd looking, i guess it’s still a good car. nice photos!

  2. david says:

    is it for sell and if so what’s the price

  3. The13bats says:

    Its cool in a weird way, I feel badly that the owner never saw the dream come thru, hopefully someone will get it and finish it

  4. Robert says:

    Hey, i have almost the exact same car. I was just wondering if you knew any places to order parts and such?
    Would it also possible be for sale? let me know 🙂

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