Many ages ago, Al Kramer built several Bradley GT kit cars. He figured he could do a better design, and set out to create his own car. Then the second version of the Bradley came out, and Al built seven of them, also saw problems that he thought he could solve with his own design, and was encouraged and continued his work. He built this car by first building a scale model in clay, and then building it at full size in wire frame. Over this he attached burlap, onto which he sprayed resin to harden it. Bondo was used to finish the form, and then a layer of lacquer. Finally, it was waxed and he took molds off it to create his body. It uses a Ford Pinto windshield and rear window, and the side windows were to be Plexiglas.

But, time passed, his eyesight aged, and his successful custom cabinet business began to take up more and more of his time. Al has decided to sell his project, which comes with:

  • A drum pump for spraying fiberglass resin with the chopper attachment to dispense the fiberglass strand.
  • Hand tools for rolling in the chopped strand.
  • A 5 Gal pressure pot for gel coat.
  • The first pull off of the molds required to produce the body and associated parts.
  • All of the molds that produced the first pull.
  • The VW beetle chassis with engine and transaxle, and steering column with appropriate steering wheel.
  • Mag steel direct bolt wheels with 60 series tires.
  • Photos of some of the process to get to this condition.
  • Interior Dashboard, bucket seat shells.

It’s a little sad seeing long term projects like this for sale, because I know how hard it is to find someone who can really see your vision and adequately take it over. If you think you might be that person, drop Al a line at