Invader GT coming out of retirement

It hasn’t been driven in over twenty five years, but I think this Invader GT still has a ton of potential… It’s a notoriously hard car to sell, and this one (#130227788619) may not hit its reserve by the June 9 end of auction… There were a few generations of Invader (if you click the Invader GT tag, you’ll see a number of body types), and I think this is one of the early ones. The seller has the doors, but it looks like this one comes without the rear louvers.

The thing that’s always bugged me about the Invader GT is that it looks great in the front 2/3, but then gets very, very awkward, as if the designers started at the front and got tired and quit partway through the creation… If I bought this car, I’d glass the lower doors in permanently, and reshape the rear so it at least matches the shape of the windshield — the current transition from round to square doesn’t work at all. Still, one of my favorites.

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