Is it an Italia kit?

A friend of Josh‘s spotted this car in a parking lot recently and sent him the pictures to ID. They’re pretty sure it’s a Ferrari 275-inspired kitcar, but weren’t really sure what. Part of me thinks that it’s an Italia, a kit that turns the Mazda Miata into something more red (more on the Italia), but I’m not sure if my guess is right because elements of the car like the hood design are different…

spyder-kit-maybe-italia-1.jpg spyder-kit-maybe-italia-2.jpg

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  1. Rod says:

    It is a factory five GT Spyder..
    Stopped production last year.

  2. mike south says:

    Looks to me like a factory five GT Spyder. they only made about 30.

  3. Tim Mundt says:

    To me it looks like the Factory Five Spyder GT which is no longer in production. What I think they were aiming for was a cross between the cobra and the daytona coupe.

  4. ld says:

    Factory Five Racing used to make these “spyders”. Not in production now.

  5. Scott says:

    This car is the roadster version of the factory five daytona coupe. I think they have stopped production on these.

  6. IanK says:

    It is a Factory Five Spyder GT – no longer offered.


  7. Russ Thompson says:

    The red car above is a FFR spyder. It’s a roadster version of the daytona coupe and uses a tubeular rame and ford power. The kit is no longer in production

  8. Darren says:

    This looks like an FFR Spyder GT. Production was halted in Sep 2006 so FFR could concentrate on the new GTM and their original line-up of Cobra and Daytona Coupe replicas. The Spyder GT was actually a modified Daytona Coupe.

  9. IanK says:

    It is a Factory Five Spyder GT. Alas, no longer produced as the
    demand for the new Factory Five GTM demanded more
    resources than Factory Five could handle. So, they killed off the
    least successful; car in the stable.

  10. Bill Gullatt says:

    It’s a Factory Five roadster version of a Cobra Daytona.

  11. Vic says:

    This is a car that was made by Factory Five Racing ( It’s essentially a Daytona spyder.

  12. Harry says:

    Thats a Ginetta my friend

  13. John Mellberg says:

    I am not sure who makes it, but its clearly a shelby cobra daytona, in some custom topless guise.

    Here’s a link to some info and pic’s of the Shelby Daytona coupe:

    Here’s a link to the wiki on the Superformance “Brock Coupe” daytona replica, named for it’s designer Pete Brock:


  14. Rod says:

    I don’t know if have had any response to the name and maker of this car. i believe it is from Factory Five Racing. The name of the car is “Spyder”. it’s not intended to copy any one car but uses design eliments from the sports cars of the sixties. i think they are very well done and beautiful cars.

  15. name says:

    That is obviously a Shelby Daytona Coupe conversion grafted onto a Miata.

  16. jerry says:

    it’s a cobra daytona coupe replica without a roof. could be from factory five or superformance

  17. it’s a Factory Five Racing spyder GT

    Bast regards Peter

  18. check out

    I’ll bet it’s their’s

  19. dan says:

    looks like a factory five shelby daytona kit that has been turned into an open top car

  20. rick dorman says:

    That is a Spyder from Factory Five Racing.

  21. Brian Drake says:

    It looks to me like a Factory Five Spyder GT, a kit FF produced for a few years but since discontinued. It was meant to be an open-topped version of the Daytona Type 65 Coupe the company also produces. FF provided the body and chassis and you could use 5.0 Mustang running gear to finish the build.

  22. David C in Seattle says:

    This is/was a Factory Five kit car. It is not shown on their website so it may no longer be available.

  23. alan says:

    try factory5racing.

  24. manfred says:

    look’s like a RETROFORZA kit on miata out of england sell’s for ca.2500 or near pounds

  25. cheap says:

    I’m suprised people are still replying to this, considering the first 12 responses were correct. That model belongs to a guy named Richard S. and is frame # 012 out of 40 total cars (counting the pre-production model and the demo car). It was built by a guy named Ken R.

    I have #004. Check out for details.

  26. dudley says:

    google ‘miata italia’ for the ‘world’s most beautiful miata’
    – miata magazine

    not a replica but a tribute to the legendary european coachbuilders!

  27. WAGuesser says:

    I’m going to go way out on a limb and guess that is a kit by Factory Five Racing, perhaps the Spyder GT, a roadster based on the Daytona coupe. No idea where I got such an idea though.

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