Laser 917A For Sale

R Grant’s got this turquoise metalflake Laser 917 Kit (one of the early A-series cars — you can tell because it doesn’t have roll-under front or side panels, and has no quarter windows) on a 1966 VW Beetle pan and a late ’65 engine. The body is currently off the car but it’s a very simple and quick process to remount it (basically you just bolt it back on). He says runs great and has many new components. He’s located in Milford, Ohio and is asking $3200 — you can email him at

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  1. Derek says:

    Just woundering if the car is still for sale? Also, if you have any other pictures of the car, and maybe the specs of the engine? Thank you for you time.

    Derek Mcclellan

  2. Allan N. Conard Sr. says:

    I have a Lazer 917 in my shop right now that I’m working on for a customer.He does’nt know to much about the car.Can you email him and help him with any info you might have to help him with ? His email. Thank You.

  3. Shea Johnson says:

    I’m going through now what everyone who built a 917 went through at one point…where can I get plexi windows and headlight domes made????? Just got the Lazer last week and desperately need some plexi made. Does anyone know how much it would cost to have it all done and who does it? Thanks, feel free to email me with answers at

  4. Tha Dig says:

    Can you tell the year of my laser it is a 6 window no roll under ft end or side skirts

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