Making an Invader GT look good

Recently in Mesa, Arizona has been posting a really interesting kit car on Craigslist lately that looks to me like it’s a shortened Invader GT, although he’s not sure. It’s on a 1600cc VW pan that’s been shortened by 12″, and he’s asking only $1,300 for it. There are no doors on it — if it was me, I’d fill the doors in a little so the front and rear fenders connect, giving the car more coherent lines. It’s still a little awkward in the rear unfortunately.

Huge improvement if you ask me.

Speaking of Invader GTs, Sam has a regular unshortened one up for sale in Colton, California — a total project car for $1,000 (it does have an engine, but it needs a rebuild)… Might be a good car for someone to pick up if they’d like to attempt something like the car above. You can reach Sam at or at 909-519-0276.

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