Beyond Rare! Ok well not really but the seller sure thinks so!

Check this one out guys

This could be your only chance to own a, well a Bradley GT!. Thats right this beyond rare car could be yours. Well all kidding aside, I emailed the seller because his auction stated this ” Unless someone can send me confirmation on another one I will say she is beyond rare” . Well of course I sent him craiglist links, google photos, this site, and the bradley gt forum but he still seems to think it is beyond rare and did not want to hear any of it. I even told him I had one of those beyond rare bodies just sitting around.


So if you would like to have some fun feel free to let him know that 1000s of these were made!



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  1. Rich says:

    Donnie you know how it is lol . Mine is red so it’s even better than this guys 😀

  2. the13bats says:

    It seems this one hit you and chapped your ass the way some of them hit and do the same to me,
    With kit cars come tall tales,
    Some good ones I have heard,
    ( I do paraphrase but they are from things I was told or read )

    “This laser with stock 1600 VW engine was clocked at over 185 MPH.”
    “I added wider tires to my XXXXXX VW based kit car, now it keeps up with / beats, out handles Vettes, Porsches, Stangs, etc etc.”
    ” Rare…one of XXX made” ( The number they state is always a small fraction of what we know are out there )
    ” A priest told me so it has to be true”
    “The Kelmark Corvair transaxle IS a full tilt top end race car gear box”
    “The VW front trailing arm suspension is state of the art race car design”
    “It out handles a real exotic”

    Sadly The list goes on……

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