New Kit Car Project

Well we can never get enough of this stuff. I wanted to take a second to share my new kit car project. Since I have owed a few Bradley GTs I figured why not get a Bradley GT2 . This one was found in New Hampshire and while a little rough around the edges I think it will clean up nicely.

This one has what I assume is a 1600cc engine, all interior, title, and a good windshield. The side and top glass is there but the tops are broke, and it is missing the rear window. With a bit of elbow grease it will be on the road and getting all the looks.

I expect I will have it here in a few weeks and then I can start dismantling it and putting together a build log. The plan is for a few subtle changes to update the looks. I have not decided on what color I will paint this one but it will be eye catching.

The goal is to use this Bradley GT2 as a promo car at car shows and other events. Just a little something to represent the brand and what we are about.

So keep an eye out for us a a show near you!


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  1. Rick says:

    I actually like the lines of the II, right up until the taillights. On both models they just screamed KIT!!!.. haven’t quite found a method to make them other than what they are…

    • Donnie says:

      It seems that a lot of cars from that era were like that. It was like they had this great vision for the front but when they got to the rear they were over it. I have a few ideas for a new set of tail lights int the rear that could fix it a bit

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