Nothing Fiero on this car!

1badlambo” is looking to either sell his Lamborghini Countach 5000 replica, or trade it for another interesting exotic.

The whole thing is custom, using many original parts (including all the glass). The radiators and vents are mounted like the original with all vents functional. It sits on a tube chassis with a longitudinally mounted Corvette engine (as well as Vette brakes and adjustable suspension), and has all the bells and whistles as well like remote doors and a rear-view camera.

lamborghini-countach-1.jpg lamborghini-countach-2.jpg lamborghini-countach-3.jpg lamborghini-countach-4.jpg lamborghini-countach-5.jpg

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  1. Ryan says:


    It’s so great to see this site active again! As a long-time IAMer (currently inactive…for a bit, anyway), I’ve been checking this site for quite awhile and loved the blog format. I hope you’re able to keep updating, it’s so fun to see how well-built kit cars can be when someone talented puts in the effort to make something truly outstanding.

    I hope you’re able to post the progress of your own kit project here as well. Cheers!


  2. Thanks… I will definitely blog the 917 project here

  3. FK says:

    Schönes Auto! Dagegen sieht mein MAZDA 626 Kombi echt bescheuert aus! Aber zum Angeln ist meiner besser!

    Gruß FK

  4. miake says:

    might just be me, but that spoiler seems to be sitting just a little bit too high, kinda messes up the rest of the lines…

  5. joelee says:

    Hi Shannon.

    Glad to see you back!
    Hope you can put more cars and photos here!


  6. nick says:

    how much you want that cars

  7. nayel shama says:

    im interested and im wondering if you still have the lamborghini kit car i wanna buy it and i wanna buy it cash please feel free to call me at (209) 577-8569 my name is nayel im very very serious if you still have it

  8. Jimmy says:

    May i ask how you made the body, and what you biult it on? I’m planning on making my own countach kit car. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  9. GT says:

    Now let’s be honest. If you can’t afford the real thing (and they aren’t THAT expensive now) then just deal with it. Don’t try to fool people into thinking you have a real Countach, the only people you’ll fool, are fools.

    And Nick, I don’t want that car. AT ALL. I want a REAL Countach… the one that made me grin like a fool as a kid. These sad little frauds make me feel physically sick.

  10. J. Welch says:

    Is this car still for sale? It looks like one I almost bought in Atlanta years ago

  11. Pepe Fernandez says:

    How much money kit cars?

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