Oh, Jesse, you’re breaking my heart

Someone, please! Safe this poor Bradley GT from it’s miserable life rotting away in a snowbank-buried junk pile near Cincinnati. Jesse (write him with offers — he’s asking $400 — at cannibal-cow@hotmail.com) has decided to sell it. He and a buddy bought it from a collector, but then never went anywhere with the project. The chassis was alright when they bought it, but it’s completely rusted up now, and you’re pretty much just buying a body. There’s a tranny but no engine, and the glass is busted. The dash has been cut up for gauges, but they aren’t there… He does have the light pods and covers though. Like I said, basically just a body.

Will someone save this Bradley, or is it the end for it?

2 Responses

  1. Barbara Berg says:

    I would love to have this bradley I have wanted one since I was a Junior in high school, but don’t know how I would get it to Kansas.

  2. duane says:

    hello i have a bradley gt but i need the windsheild t-top part for mine but i can drive mine now but i need that windsheild t-top part then i would be good to go

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