ONE OF A KIND VW Fiberglass Kit Car

HEY NOW!!!! Check out this ONE OF A KIND VW Fiberglass Kit Car. Ok ok, If you are a reader of this blog, or are into kit cars you know there is nothing rare about this car. It is your run of the mill Invader GT. Some time ago I spoke to the current owner of the molds to this car. If I recall correctly he told me 1600 or so Invader GTs were sold when Bruce Weeks owned Autokit.

The seller of this kit car is asking $2500 . As a point of reference running and driving examples of the Invader GT Kit Car have been sold for less than $2500 . There is a $2500 non running Invader GT on the Samba that has been on it for the better part of a year and is still not sold.

I have always said this is one of the ugliest VW Kit Cars to come out of the 70s. Before Bruce Weeks stole the design from David Loring the car was nice. It all flowed. When Bruce started dissecting it the car turned into a mess.

To be honest I dont know if the seller of this car just does not know what they have, or if they just bumped their head. Here is what the ad says…

For Sale: VW Fiberglass Kit Car – NO TITLE

Sad to say, this is a project I’ll probably never have time to finish.

Here’s what I have:

1960’s Fiberglass body WITH DOORS – I have no idea who manufactured it, or what year it was made. It’s very unique, so unique that I’ve been searching the web since I’ve gotten it and I haven’t been able to find another one like it. (it’s not an Invader II or Bradley)

1969 VW Beetle chassis – VERY clean, no rust, awesome floorpans.

(2) Engines!
1979 – Type 4 2.0 carbureted from a VW Vanagon. Turns over really smooth by hand. No intake, exhaust or carbs.
1980s Type 4 2.0FI from a VW Vanagon – NO Fuel Injection parts or the wiring harness. Motor is stuck, can’t turn over by hand – will need a total rebuild.
6 rib side shift 4 speed transmission – Very hard to find, and very popular for sand rails and dune buggies.
Stock 1969 Beetle 4spd transmission – Nothing special, just a standard 4spd mounted to the chassis.

What I don’t have:
*NO TITLE* Can be titled as a kit car when it’s finished – Talk to the DVM, they’ll help you out!
No Interior
No Wiring harness/electrical
No Fuel tank
No Gauges/dash
Tires are new, but old. It’s been sitting for over 10 year and they are now dry rotted and will not hold air.
And I’m sure there’s a ton of other little odds and ends needed to complete it. Most parts you could get from a donor VW Beetle.

Once completed, this would make one heck of head turner for sure.


So judging by whats included you are getting a body, a frame with no title, and a bunch of scrap metal for your $2500. In all fairness he does have Best offer so you may be able t get it cheaper. The good part of the body is it does appear to have both doors. That is something you dont see everyday in an Invader GT.

You can check out the listing while its up here

We just wanted to give everyone an update. This kit car is now listed at a lower $1800 obo price and is being advertised as a “Invader GT Style” Kit car.

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  1. Dave says:


    I am the owner of the above listed kit car for sale. I will admit, I’m not a huge kit car guy. All I know about them is what I’ve read here and on other forums and from talking with other guys in the know. I’m just having a hard time agreeing with Donnie that this is your everyday “run of the mill” Invader GT. I know Autokit modified the body 3-4 times in it’s 1600+ plus run, but nothing I’ve seen looks like the body I have. Sure, there are a lot of VERY similar features, but then again there are a few very DIFFERENT features. Look at the door frame/A pillars: They run along the same lines as the windshield. No STOCK Invader GT does that. Look at the doors: No Invader that I have seen has doors that shape or style. Look at the rear deck lid: No Invader I’ve seen has an engine access door like that. Look at the headlight buckets/front fenders: they are WIDER than any Invader style I’ve seen & are FLAT at the bottom. No were have I seen an Invader GT with headlight buckets like that. NOTHING on this body shows signs of previous owner modifications. So yeah, in my opinion this is a very RARE fiberglass kit car body. I would LOVE someone to show me a picture or documentation proving that the body I have is a “run of the mill” Invader GT, PLEASE! $2500 might be a little steep, but it’s just a starting price, I’m open to offers.. But then again, I may just be crazy or may have just “bumped” my head….

  2. Shawn says:

    Hey – thanks for your awesome blog! I have wanted to tackle a kit car with my kids for a while and reading your blog is inspirational.

  3. Noah Ward says:

    Hi all it’s 2020 now but I wanted to revamp this post because I actually have this kit car body too, it’s not an invader, it’s from a small Minnesota based company, it’s a G.T. Hawk

    • Donnie says:

      Not really sure where you came up with that info but it is almost certainly an Invader. If it did come from another company then they just splashed the invader to make a new mold. If you have some documentation such as brochures or anything I would love to see them. Feel free to email me

      • Noah Ward says:

        I actually do have some advertising sheets that came with the car, i can email images of them over to you if you’d like along with images of my G.T Hawk

      • Noah Ward says:

        I can’t upload photos on here but I have the brochure for the cars advertisement if you’d care to see it

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