Raked-Windshield Model Invader GT

Bennett is selling — for just $1,500 — one of my favorite iterations of the Invader GT, an early model with the raked back windshield. It’s way sportier and less “buggy” looking than most Invaders, but as I understand it, it does sacrifice a little in the headroom department. This car sits on a 1960 VW pan with a clear Ohio title (the car is in the Columbus area). Tail lights are out of a ’73 Chevy Vega and the wheels are Mickey Thompson Torq-Thruster IIs. It’s also got a GM tilt steering wheel to make getting in and out easier, as well as Stewart Warner gauges, and a rare aftermarket A/C unit mounted behind the seats — something you definitely don’t see very often in a kit car.

The body is in very good condition and the pan is solid. He has one complete door for the passenger side, and a partial door (missing the plexiglass) for the driver side — that is, this car has the doors that I so regularly pine for! He’s missing the passenger side headlight cover. The engine turns over but does not currently run — it was last registered in 2001 and has sat covered since then.

Drop Bennett a line at greenwenterprises@yahoo.com. This is a nice model of Invader that you rarely see up for sale, and his price is more than fair… If I was in the Ohio area, I’d buy this one!

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