Volkswagen Kit Car Montage

I thought this a nice car to post once I can get past the key word spamming, as if any of the key words have anything to do with this VW based Kit car.

The seller is more concerned about saying it might have been in some silly TV show than telling us if things like the AC work so I am left to wonder.
Looking at the dash and seats I believe this poor car might just need a fair amount of work to bring it up to speed.
But I really like it, I do love the old school and all the tacked on extra junk on the dash just screams 70′s.

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  1. Rich says:

    Well the cars used in that series didn’t have the back window. Also they used modified doors and roof so it’s the usual Ebay bunk. But they are nice when done right

  2. the13bats says:

    Rich, many people make the mistake the HardCastle car is a reworked Montage.
    It was not, in fact it is called a Coyote X and is the child of Mike Fennel many feel it looked better than the Montage others didn’t either way both cars were inspired by the McLaren M6GT so that’s where the confusion started. ( and wishful Motage owners wanting to add fame to their cars )
    Several companies offered cars like this including Marauder.
    Recall the later Hardcastle episodes that used a poor looking Delorean re-body due to a weight gaining Keith not being able to get in and out of these small cars.

  3. Rich says:

    Just read the Wiki on the Coyote X and you are spot on Paul. The Marauders were done in Potomac IL a ways south of me.

    • the13bats says:

      You are lucky, The Marauders were something of fantasy for me, I recall their magazine ads, my dad had the brochure, but they were never really “real” to me, their version of the countach, their Pantera and all the other race car clones they did but I would never see one in real life at a show or anywhere, what became of them?

      • Rich says:

        The last thing I heard was the owner had passed away . And the business closed . But most things seen online need to be taken with a grain of salt.

  4. mike says:

    i have a montage im looking for glass and tail lights or to buy another so i can complete one 7023485292

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