Recently completed Bradley GT II kit car

One of the more refined kit cars of the classic era was the Bradley GT II, released after the huge success of its precursor. This one sat in the crate until 2000, as it came in part form from the factory. It was finally completed last year, with the following specs:

  • 1971 Karman Ghia Frame and refurbished pan (sandblasted, new rails, etc.)
  • High performance 1776 cc engine (dual carbs with electric choke, 1 1/2 qt oil pan extension, etc.)
  • Beefed up transaxle with higher gear ratio for comfortable highway cruising
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Vinyl interior with carpet
  • Full gauges (speedometer, tachometer, amp meter, oil pressure, clock, oil temperature, voltmeter and fuel level)
  • Engine compartment and hatch glass electric solenoids with mechanical backup
  • Professional installation on the dual sunroofs, tinted windows
  • Air conditioning
  • New paintjob
  • Factory manual

And of course this beautifully completed Bradley GT II gets over 30mpg due to it’s low 43″ profile and VW driveline. With only 15 hours left to go on the auction (#180247880491), I don’t think it’ll hit its reserve, so I’ve asked the seller for some follow-up info so perhaps you’ll see more on this car and its build here soon. Very nice kit and a great build either way…

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  1. willie madison says:

    I’m interested in a bradley gt 2. Is this car still available??

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