Sun Ray Products Bradley GT Kit Car Plexiglass

I wanted to take a minutes and give all of you Bradley GT owners an update on Sun ray Products Bradley GT Kit Car Plexiglass. As some of you may or may not know they are/were the only commercial producer of the Bradley GT and parts after Bradley Automotive shut down in the 1980s. At that time they purchased the Assets that included the Bradley GT and all the parts (NOT the GT2)

Sun Ray Products Bradley GT Kit Car Plexiglass

For several months now I have tried to contact Sun ray Products . I have attempted to call, I wrote letters that got returned to me, and emailed. All of which turned up nothing new. As many have tried I was also not able to get in touch with anyone.

Today I had a reader that lives in the area go to the address that they have always had to see if they were still open and if so get them my contact info. When he arrived they business was no longer there.

Last year when the Sun ray Products facebook page disappeared I had a feeling they were closing up shop and today confirmed that.

So whats next? Well I am going to keep trying to track down the molds, tooling, etc . I have a feeling they may be lost forever . As I have said before in regards to other molds the Bradley GT molds are useless . With as many as they made there is no need or market for a “New”Bradley GT . The key is to have parts available for the ones that are still around.

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If there is enough interest I will take the plunge and make the doors and rear windows. I understand that there is a very limited market in doing this and to be honest it is not about financial gain . Its about keeping these cars going. Just so it is out there and known . This items were not cheap from Sunray . This is the latest (several years old) prices..

Gull Wings: $250 each, driver or passenger side
Sundowner (short) Rear: $280
Fastback (long) Rear: $330
GTII Moon Roof: $100 each
Half-Gull: $100 each, driver or passenger side

If you own a Bradley GT Kit Car and need the doors or rear windows let me know. If the interest is there I will make it a point to start making them as soon as the GT2 project is complete.

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