Sweet Bradley GT II

I’m normally not a giant fan of the Bradley series (although the GT II is much nicer than the GT, looking to me sort of like a minature little Corvette with gull-wing doors or someting), but this DIY customized one by Steve Striharsky is quite nice. It includes a 2110 cc engine (speedy in a car that light), custom lights, exhaust, engine cover, nurf bars, and a gorgeous paint job.

Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to catch up with Steve at Carlisle; if I recall correctly he lives in the area.

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  1. skarekr0w says:

    I want to know about the bumpers. Can those be purchased or did you have them made? I’ve seen the other sweet blue/ black GT2 and it has them. Very nice work on yours. I like the plexie. The original trunk on mine is real heavy and weird, I should consider it. I’m looking at options. Any suggestions?

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