And no, by “terrible” I don’t mean how infrequently I’ve been updating.

This terrible “replica” (emphasis on the quotes) of a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster has been up on eBay a few times right now (#110367769512) with a reserve price of — I’m guessing — at least $50,000 given that it’s built on a brand new Solstice chassis ($31k). What bugs me most of all is how, in giant letters, the auction text goes:

NO ONE WILL KNOW it’s not a Real Lamborghini, UNLESS YOU TELL THEM !!!

For clarity, here’s the pictures of the car, alongside pictures of the real thing:

And as you can see, it looks nothing like the real thing!!! I mean, what were they thinking, trying to build an LP640 replica on a front-engine GM chassis??? Yeah, that’s right — the engine is still at the front and the chassis is unaltered. If I didn’t have such disdain for the builders it would be almost heartbreaking thinking about the enormous amount of work that must have gone into creating this piece of junk. Every teenager that’s fantasized about Lamborghinis will laugh the owner out of town. If you really want a chuckle, there are a couple YouTube videos of the car here and here. It’s this sort of thing that makes kit cars embarassing.

Given how many great, accurate Murcielago replicas are on their market, I’d really love to meet the moron that ends up buying this Frankenstein creation of a bunch of Murcielago body panels glued all over a Pontiac Solstice. I just can’t get over how reprehensible this joke of a car is. Very, very lame. Oh, and to top it off, the builders have been posting insulting comments about other people’s more authentic looking replicas on YouTube. Losers!!!