Ultra-Rare Invader GT-5 for sale!!!

Edit: I think I have my terminology wrong; an earlier car was the GT-5… I’m not sure what this one was called — although it may have shared the name?

The Invader GT-5 is a car that came a little too late — it’s extremely striking, and fixes all of the visual problems with the lines of earlier cars in the series, but unfortunately by the time it was released the design (and the general interest in this type of kit car) had lost its steam. I believe the molds for this design are still held by Kaylor Kit, but I’d be surprised if there are even ten of them in existence.

It needs finishing, but this ultra-rare Invader GT-5 is currently up on Craigslist (817433159) in Springfield, OR (near Eugene). If I thought I could get it into Canada* I’d buy it in a heartbeat, as the owner wants $2,500 or best offer… And I do get the impression they’d let it go for less — they’ve listed it as a “Mantis” and I don’t think they know what they have. Seriously, this is a special car, and you’ll probably never see one on the market again.

* And if you think you can import it, write me!

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  1. Brian Smith says:

    This in fact is a Mantis Agean made by Loring Designs back in the late 70’s. They made a number of cars similar to that of the Invader by Bruce Weeks. But- it is not an Invader.

  2. Schmitty says:

    I bought this car after seeing it on this fantastic web site. It was a total bargain. Body and paint is excellent. It was mechanically a mess but is running and driving great now. The Seller said the original dashboard (that he removed) said “Mantis Targa”. The body appears to be the same as the Kaylor GT-5 electric car (although the seller modified some things). It also has details in common with the Kellison Shark. Is there anywhere I can find more info or pictures on Mantis or Loring Designs? What is the connection with all these different cars with such similar details?


  3. Brian Smith says:

    Loring designs made several different cars using the same lines as well as a few that were out there. They were located in Port Orford Or if memory serves me, not much was ever seen in the mags or on the web about these cars. Somewhere I have a few pics floating in my boxes of goodies . I will look and get back to you.

  4. JOHN says:


  5. TRC says:

    I have a friend that may be interested in selling a 1973 Invader GT-5-Red This kit has not been finished. The body is together,have the windshield. Trying to locate the value to sell.
    If interested please respond.

  6. Chris Kowalski says:

    I am interested in purchasing this yellow mantis Aegon above I have cash$$$$$ as long as u have clean title… 201 702 3527. Chris. Thank u…..

  1. December 4, 2008

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