Update to our “One of a Kind” Kit car post

Hey Everyone,

Thanks to  Greg on www.bradleygt.com we go the scoop on the car we posted a few days ago here https://fiberclassics.org/2015/03/12/one-of-a-kind-for-1500/

The car was built by Dick & Lynn Creighton and featured in the June 1991 issue of Kit Car Illustrated. It was called Mariah and did in fact start life as a Bradley GT 2 . According to the write-up Dick  & Lynn owned a body shop for many years and with the help of a few friends created the car. They used an Olds Toronado Trofeo for the Engine and Trans, Dashboard, and some other things. In addition it used brakes and spindles from a 71 Karmann Ghia, Master Cylinder from a 1978 Monte Carlo, Grand National Chip, Dodge Champ taillights, and 1984 LTD rear view mirrors.

The total cost on this conversion back in 1990 was a 1200 man our in 6 months and around $17,000 . He was also willing at that time to build you something Similar in the $35000-$40,000 range but said he would not build one just like it to keep its one of a kind look.

If you are the new owner of this car shoot us a message and keep us up to date with the progress. We would love to see what gets done and what the final product looks like .

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  1. Lonnie & Linda says:

    We were the ones selling the car for a friend, but after Greg Whitney was nice enough to let us know where it came from & how special it was, we have decided to buy it back from our friend & restore it to its original glory…..

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Lonnie & Linda. That is great to hear. Please keep me updated with the build. Had I not lived so far from you I would have bought it . If you decide you do not want to take on the project let me know.


  2. Jacob says:

    I want to thank everyone here for posting information on this car. I also have a Bradley gt 2 that I am in the process of building. I will be plagiarizing…er, borrowing design cues from your car. Mine will have a cobra 2.3 engine mated to an mr2 transaxle. I would love to see more photos!

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