Ummmmm Whats Going On Here???

Look really closely and you might see it. This car is a cross between a Ferrari and a Lambo. Well I see the clear Testarossa look going on in the rear there, but there is nothing that screams Lambo. The eBay ad really does not give much info on the car other than it is 1 of 4 built by a race car driver named Frank Perisi in the early 1980s.

The listing also says it is titled as a 1965 Porsche but that it is not a Porsche. Looks to me that the seats could be from a 914. Looking around google I seen an old craigslist ad that said… “This car began as a 1976 Porsche 914. Built by a race car driver in the early 80’s named Frank Perisi” . It is powered by a Chevy 350.

Oh and might I add that it is really, REALLY, UGLY!

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  1. Rick says:

    And it almost works.. almost. The aftermarket Corvette headlights kill the front end. Not too sure how much of the 914 is left save for the seats.. but a few have been converted to v8 power so there may be a grain of truth in the ad. That said, a quick google search of Frank Perisi brings up absolutely nothing about a race car driver!

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