Yellow Manta Mirage

There’s a great looking yellow Manta Mirage up for sale on eBay (#130276088113) in Davenport, Florida with opening bid of $10,000. From the description it sounds like this is the long version (both a short cab and long cab version existed — the latter was required for taller owners). The seller writes,

It will comfortably sit two large adults. It was originally set-up for a driver that was over 6 feet tall. There is plenty of leg room in both the driver’s and passenger’s side compartments. It can cruise equally well on the highway or in city traffic. The engine is a well-built 350 cu. in. Chevy V-8 small block. It has a Holley 4-barrel carb, and a Mallory electronic ignition. It has always been exceptionally well-tuned. It has a 4-speed manual transmission and an electric pump to lubricate the gears at higher speeds. The transmission was completely refurbished by Jones Racing during the car’s restoration. The transmission also has a separate cooler. The cooling system utilizes a big, aluminum Griffin radiator and electric fan so that you can drive this car in the hottest conditions. The suspension is upper and lower A-arms in front with adjustable coil-over shocks with upper and lower control arms for easy camber adjustment. The gauges are new. The tires are 245/50/14 in front and 295/50/15 in the rear. They are in perfect condition with less than 1,000 miles on them. These tires are a perfect balance for both the street and road racing courses. The body was originally painted red in a gel-coat finish. During restoration, we elected to change the color to chromium yellow. There is no chipping, webbing, or paint-over on the body. The original headlights and headlight cans were removed. The headlights were remounted in the front air dam for stylistic purposes. The car includes a removable soft top. However, this top is not appropriate for driving purposes. It is more of a protective soft top when washing or transporting the car. I suppose you could drive with the soft-top in place, but I would not recommend it. All of the lights, turn-signals, and electronics work. During restoration, we installed a AM/FM/CD player with speakers that was not on the original car. The car has a windshield wiper base, however, we removed the wiper for stylistic purposes.

The car was just listed so as I write this there are still almost ten days left in the auction.

3 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    don’t know too many states where that car is legal to drive with the headlights that low. The last thing this car needs is another reason for LEO’s to ticket ya, much less while you’re standing still!:)

  2. The13bats says:

    I dont believe those are headlights but rather fog or driving lights making them that much more illegal, not having rear view mirrors is also a no-no,
    This is a very nice Manta but still needs a bit of work to be right.

  3. Von Serafini says:

    Is the Manta Mirage still for sale?

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