$95,000 Mercury Cougar Kit Car

Check out this $95,000 Mercury Cougar Kit Car. No that was not a typo. It was listed on ebay with a BIN price of $95,000 It did have a “Buyer” but it just so happen to be an ebay ID with 0 feedback . I did mention this is a Veyron Replica on a FWD Mercury Cougar chassis right?

As with most of the cars we post on the website we can see the beauty in them. This one is no exception. From pictures is appears to be a very well put together kit car. I’m not sure what happened with the interior as it does not really match the exterior. Im sure there is a great deal of time and money and there is always a SUCKER…..ummmm Buyer for anything .

But imagine if you will for a second. You have to have this and you pay $95,000 . You get to tell your buddies you  bought a $95,000 Mercury Cougar. That would be a fun one to watch 🙂  If you spend anywhere close to building something like this for that much money you are in the same boat.

Think of it this way.  For the same $95,000 you could buy a GTR, a Ferrari, a 911, and the list goes on.

Take a look at the pics and let us know what you would pay for something like this.


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